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Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Business are between www.yourspanish.co.uk acting for itself and as an agent on behalf of the Tutor and the Client and are deemed to have been accepted once a session of tuition has been arranged with a Tutor.

Fees are agreed between www.yourspanish.co.uk and the Client on behalf of the Tutor prior to tuition starting. In most cases these fees will be in line with agreed published rates. Travel expenses and material are included in the published rates.

Lessons are required to be paid in advance by internet bank transfer or cheque to www.yourspanish.co.uk only, never to the tutor. Clients must paid an initial lesson and if they are satisfied with the service, subsequent lessons are usually purchased in minimum blocks of 5 or 10.

Once the Client has been introduced to a Tutor and the first lesson confirmed, Clients are not entitled to a refund. Refunds are discretionary and only made if the services purchased are not able to be delivered as agreed.

Courses are flexible and lessons can be rescheduled for alternative dates at no charge as long as 24 hours notice is provided. However, if you need to cancel a lesson for whatever reason, then please get in touch with your Tutor directly. Please note that Lessons cancelled within 24 will be charged at the full lesson rate.

If you wish to stop taking lessons please give notice to your Tutor at least one week in advance. If the Tutor cannot continue with the course, we will arrange a new tutor. If this is not possible for some reason, we will refund the pre-paid lessons that have not been delivered.

Tutors at www.yourspanish.co.uk will help you design your Spanish course according to your needs. In the unlikely event that a Tutor does not meet your expectations then we will do our best to find a suitable replacement.