Your Levels

Beginner Level
This level is for students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish. Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish, special emphasis being given to speaking skills. By the end of the course the pupil will be able to communicate in Spanish using simple expressions like talking about yourself and others, comprehend basic conversation and also interact in a simple way.

Elementary Level
This level is for beginners who have some knowledge of vocabulary and basic grammatical structures. The course starts with a revision of the most important structures ,vocabulary is widened and new structures are incorporated. Having completed this level the student will be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions, communicate routine tasks and exchange information about familiar matters.

Lower Intermediate Level
This level enables the student to gain a broader knowledge of basic grammatical structure. All forms of the indicative verb tenses are covered and vocabulary is intensified. In addition, speaking skills are enhanced. By the end of the course the pupil is able to express him/herself with fluency in all situations of daily life. And the subjunctive mode is introduced.

Upper Intermediate Level
This level is for those students who already have a good understanding of the indicative mode. The subjunctive mode is completely covered along with additional vocabulary acquisition. On completing this level, the students will be able to interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity, understand the main ideas of more complex texts and produce clear, detailed texts on different subjects.

Advanced Level
At this level the student acquire a greater understanding of the language and any errors or deficiencies are corrected. Moreover, all areas of language that prove to be of particular difficulty for the students are clarified and revised. At the end of this level, the student will be able to understand with ease virtually everything heard or read, summarize information and express himself/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely.