Spanish Events in London

One of the best ways to learn a language is to go and live where it is spoken.If that is not your case, then take advantage of all the coming events related to the Hispanic Culture in London.



Visual Arts

Artists from Latin America in London from 196X-197X’ will explore the vivid, but rarely researched, Latin American art scene in London in the 60s and 70s. The title of the exhibition is based on a work by Argentinean artist David Lamelas, ‘London Friends’ 1974.

Venue: David Roberts Art Foundation
Symes Mews London NW1 7JE
Date: 7 Jun - 3 Aug 2013

Exhibition | Amazon Adventure

This exhibition mixes hands-on experiences, including exploring the tummy of a giant catfish and feeling the simulated zap of an electric eel, with multimedia and live fish displays where you can meet a stingray and tank of tetras.
You will also learn about the environmental dangers facing the Amazon today, such as cattle ranching, overfishing and logging, and be introduced to the people who live along its banks.

Venue:Horniman Public Museum and Public Park Trust 100 London Road Forest Hill London SE23 3PQ
Date: From April 24th until November 24th

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